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Improve Your Balance and Coordination

Many individuals just do not realize how important balance and coordination are in their everyday life and for proper health. As you may know, balance and coordination are heavily dependent upon the senses of sight and hearing. The eyes and ears collect data from the world around us and the brain processes this information and sends signals to the body to respond to the situation. For the most part, these responses happen faster than the individual can realize and they often react and move in response to stimuli without full conscious realization.

While the eyes and ears are critical for maintaining and controlling balance and coordination, there is much more in the body that goes into these functions. The nervous system sends the necessary signals for the body to respond and the structural parts of the body need to move properly to achieve the desired response. When these two systems are off in some way, it can impede the balance and coordination of the individual.

As an example, imagine that your pelvis is slightly out of line with the back. In an effort to compensate, a section of the back may go slightly out of line and this can also cause other parts of the body to misalign as they are all trying to compensate for the imbalance of the others. This will not only have an impact on the coordination and balance of the individual, but it is also likely to cause pain and put the nervous system under stress.

A Doctor of Chiropractic can help to remedy and prevent these problems in a variety of different ways. The first and most significant way that a chiropractor will improve the balance and coordination of the individual is by restoring the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Through the regular activities of life, the joints, muscles and bones of the body may come out of alignment. A chiropractor can restore the proper alignment by employing the use of chiropractic adjustments. This will not only restore the system to its proper balance, but it will also improve the function of the nervous system.

The chiropractic adjustments will be an important part of improving the balance and coordination of the individual, but there is much more that a chiropractor can do to help. A chiropractor will also prescribe some level of exercise for the patient. Certain exercises can be great for increasing and maintaining the sense of balance and coordination and regular exercise can help the individual to maintain proper body alignment. Additionally, the chiropractor may provide some lifestyle advice regarding things like diet and posture to further ensure the healthy function of the body as a whole.

Living a healthy life that is free of unnecessary pain and discomfort should be a priority for every individual. Taking steps to maintain the functional abilities of balance and coordination will be one of the keys to living a life that is healthy and comfortable. No matter what your fitness level is or how old you are, chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to maintain these systems.

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