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Chiropractic Helps Reduce Stress

Stress can be associated with many of the health issues people face today…heart conditions, mental disorders, weakened immune system… Doctors and health professionals agree chronic stress attacks the body and systematically destroys an otherwise healthy organism. Research published in 2008 showed that up to ninety percent of all primary care doctor visits dealt with stress-related complaints. Finding safe, effective ways to help reduce chronic stress is crucial for overall health and a need for long term health care.

In my office, patients often report how relaxed they feel after an adjustment. It’s common to hear a patient say how treatment has helped relief his or her anxiety. As my patient’s and I know along with many other Chiropractic patients’ and Chiropractors, a Chiropractic adjustment helps reduce tension and stress in the body. A recent study has taken a deeper look into why this occurs. Chiropractic Helps Relieve Stress

A 2017 study using a PET scan was performed on 21 different individuals to evaluated the effects a Chiropractic adjustment can have on the brain and muscles. A PET (Positive Emission Tomography) scan is an imaging test that allows doctors to check for diseases and to evaluate the function of the heart, brain, and nervous system. In this study, the PET scan determined that brain function increased and stress levels decreased in every single individual in the study after a Chiropractic adjustment. The 21 individuals had brain processing experience a reduction in fight or flight activity and led to relaxation in the brain along with reduced tension in the muscles. There was also a decreased level of stress induced chemicals in the saliva.

The study and PET scan concluded that Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress by changing the brain. Regular Chiropractic care amplifies the body’s natural defense against chronic stress and disease. Chiropractic plays a vital role in helping men and women of all ages overcome the effects of stress without dangerous drugs and chemicals.

Evidence-based complimentary and alternative medicine – January 2017

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