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Tag: Wellness

Preservation of health

5 Key Health tips 1. Balanced Whole Diet Food is fuel! Food is nutrition! Look at food as the source you receive your vital minerals and vitamins to live healthily. Read labels. Keep your diet simple yet colorful, meaning whole fresh food with a variety (colorful veggies and fruits with your proteins). In most cases,

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Making a Healthier, Better You!

Recently, I attended a Nebraska Chiropractic Physician Association convention and one of the speakers was Dr. Pat Luse, a Chiropractic in the Sioux City area. Dr. Pat has developed a solid weight loss program for patients. He has seen many transformations in people, and today I wanted to shar his list of good foods to

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Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping a solid 7-9 hours a night is great for our well-being and health. Quality rest allows your body to be balanced and allows for more energy throughout your day. Problem is many people can struggle to have quality sleep throughout the night. If you find yourself, the person sleeping next to you, and/or your

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